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How to unpack an .asar file

The .asar extension files are files used to package source code for applications that use the Electron framework.

The easiest way to unpack these files is by using 7-Zip and a plugin called Azar7z that you can download for free from their official site.

Installation of Azar7z

First we go to the installation path of 7-Zip (I assume you have it installed) depending on your operating system.

Inside the same folder (C: Program Files 7-Zip) we create a new folder called ‘Formats’.

Now we download the plugin from its official site, and this is a .zip file, which when unzipping leaves us two files Asar.64.dll and Asar.32.dll.

If your 7-Zip is 64-bit copy Asar.32.dll to your Formats folder and you’re done.

If you have any doubts about the 7-Zip version you have installed, just open the 7-Zip File Manager and go to Help-> About 7-Zip … and locate the software version.

Now if your 7-Zip is 32-bit copy Asar.32.dll in the folder ‘Formats’.
Now your 7-Zip will be able to open, unpack and package .asar files.
It is not 100% safe since sometimes protect these files with password, same that you must provide.

Open asar in Windows Explorer

Download the plugin directly by pressing the green button.

Download Azar7z plugin directly

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