Unity Pro Patch 2018 – Universal Patch for Unity 3D

Before continuing I make clear that the objective of Unity Pro Patch 2018 is a software developed for non-profit educational purposes, I am not responsible for the damages that may cause its misuse.

Unity Pro Patch 2018 is a tool that helps you to test the professional options of Unity Engine (Unity 3D) and the practitioner activates it for life.

Among the pro features offered by the engine are:

  • Delete the start screen (Splash Screen)
  • Use the profiler
  • Change the skin (nothing useful)
  • Among other

This patch works for versions of Unity 4 until Unity 2018.3 I have tested it in at least the latest stable versions of Unity 2017 and 2018.

Note: The PRO features of your Unity account are not activated, only the editor.

To ensure that the process is successful, please follow the instructions:

  1. Run as administrator the program Unity Pro Patch 2018.exe
  2. Press the search button and select your Unity.exe directory (C: Program Files Unity Editor)
  3. Generate a license key (optional)
  4. Press the PATCH button and wait for the process to complete.

In case you get the error “Pattern not found” or pattern not found you can go to my post: Fix ‘Pattern not found’ error in Unity Pro Patch.


You can download the program using either of the two links below by pressing the green button.

Download the Crack for Unity 2018 from MEGA

Alternatively you can use ZippyShare to download the patch.

Download the Crack for Unity 2018 from ZippyShare

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