Unity Free For All 2019 – Unity Editor | Crack for Unity 3D

Unity Free For All 2019 – Unity Editor is the patch for the Unity 3D Editor, in its new version for Unity 2019.1

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Unity Free For All 2019 – Unity Editor is a tool that helps us to test the ‘Pro’ features of the Unity editor. Which means that we can access configurations like:

  • Splash Screen
  • Analytics
  • Profiler Settings
  • The Water effect of Unity, etc.

To be clearer it only works with the offline features of the Editor. It also ‘Unlocks’ other development platforms, but in order to compile for them, you must have modules for Unity whose licenses are negotiated separately with the corresponding companies.


  1. Download the software from any of the servers below.
  2. Run the program as administrator.
  3. By default this is in Spanish, but you can modify the language by pressing any flag.
  4. Press search and locate the editor’s installation directory, regularly in the systems of 64 Bits the path is: ‘C: Program Files Unity Editor’.
  5. This step is optional, once you select your installation, you can change the options of your license.
  6. Press the ‘PATCH’ button and wait for it to complete the process.

If at the end of it all you get the error message ‘Pattern not found’ or ‘Pattern not found’ I recommend you visit: Solve error ‘Pattern not found’ in Unity Pro Patch

Well, this software only applies to the Unity Editor, so I recommend you visit my other page: Unity Free For All 2019 – Unity Hub | Patch / Crack for Unity Hub


You can download the patch from any of the two available servers, just press the green button and it will take you directly to the server page.

Looking for the Unity 2019.3 patch? Check this one.

Press the green button to go to the link

Download the Crack for Unity from MEGA

Alternatively you can download from ZippyShare in case the first link is not available.

Download the Unity Crack from ZippyShare

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