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Where are the download links on This is not a common download site, where links are stored on external sites such as ‘pastes’ or where links are infinitely shortened.

The links on this site are direct, they are only anonymized to guarantee your privacy but they are never shortened with advertising applications nor are they placed on external sites such as pastes.

2 servers are regularly handled, Mega and ZippyShare. This is to make the links available most of the time, but from 2020 the service will be used. is a service that allows you to store the same file in multiple storage sites, this makes more than one option to download the same file avoiding the hassle of uploading the file site by site.

Location of links on the site

For download links, buttons are always used, these buttons are similar to this (A green button with a download icon and dotted line outline):

Download button

Clicking on the button will automatically open a new window with the page that hosts the file.

If you use choose it is likely that the site contains advertising, which is beyond our control, we can only ensure that we will not use shorteners on any link belonging to

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