Fix ‘Pattern not found’ error in Unity Pro Patch

This post aims to clarify the reasons why the ‘Pattern not found’ error occurs when patching Unity.

This error occurs for the following reasons:

  1. The version of Unity that you want to modify is not supported by the program and when you try to apply the patch it just does not find matches and sends this error.
  2. Unity is already patched, your version of Unity already has a modification applied and can not find the pattern and therefore can not modify anything.
  3. You have used some security patch Unity, I have not checked the operation of the same using the security patches, but the software works with chains and not find any automatically send error.

When this error occurs there are some options that you can try to try to solve this error:

  1. If you had previously applied the patch, you should only create a license, you only have to select the Unity-> Editor folder and press the Create Lic button and a license will be generated according to the version of Unity that is found.
  2. Verify that the version of Unity is supported by the patch, usually I test the versions of the patch with the latest version that is available.
  3. Reinstall Unity, this may be the absolute solution to this problem and almost always works to the users who tell me the problem, this leave it for the last one if everything else fails.

I would like to collect more information about this error and know why it is generating so if you like to help me you can take your Unity.exe file and upload it to MEGA and share the link in the comments.

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